Students are expected to arrive for lessons promtly, with all required materials (Assignment Book) and music. If a student is 10 minutes late, they are considered absent. The instructor will not extend the lesson and no makeup lesson/credit/refunds given.


The student will be given an assignment notebook at their first lesson, which will be used to keep track of assigned pieces and practice suggestions/goals for each week. The instructor will obtain all needed books and materials for the student and you will be charged for the cost of your books.


Private lessons for piano/violin/viola

30 min- $28/Lesson,

45 min- $42/Lesson

60 min- $50/Lesson

Voice Lessons

30 min- $28/Lesson/one person

45 min- $42/Lesson/one or two person

60 min- $50/Lesson/one or two person

Tuition is due at the 1st lesson of the month. Both cash and checks are acceptable. A $10.00 of late fee will be charged if the payment is overdue and a $25 fee for returned checks. Please make check payable to CCCC and on the memo line add 4C music academy.


It is very important for students to attend lesson regularly in order to advance. Absence due to illness, accident, or family emergency is excused if the instructor is notified at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons missed due to family vacations are excused if notification is given 2 week in advance. Fail to notify teacher with sufficient notification will result in no makeup lesson and no refunds/lesson credits. No makeup lesson after last day of semester.  It is student’s responsibility to sign up for a makeup lesson time if desired; however, makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed due to the instructor’s limited availability. Unexcused absences (no show, attending birthday party/ball games or other personal reasons will result in no makeup lesson.)


Students are required to practice a minimum of five days per week and meet the minimum practice requirement as determined by the teacher.


The instructor reserves the right to reschedule any missed lessons due to illness or professional commitments.


Upon deciding to withdraw from lessons, a written note must be given to the 4C Music Academy by the 15th day of the students’ final month.


Parents are encouraged to attend and quietly observe lessons once a month if they desire. The teacher reserves the right to ask the parents not to attend if the parent’s presence alters the student’s learning experience. Parents are asked to encourage students and to actively participate while the student practices at home.


Achievement Audition: usually held at the last Saturday of April each year by Dallas Music Teachers Association

Studio party/group lesson maybe offered once a semester. A $15 of fee will be charged for facility's rent, certificates, refreshment, and misc. items.


We follow the PISD's decision on weather closures.


Any photographs, audio, or videos of student or families on 4C facilities or events may be used in promotional publications or press releases. There will be no compensation for the release.


4C Music Academy will be open year-round. The Music Academy follows the PISD schedule for major holiday closing. 



3115 W Parker Rd #250

Plano, TX 75023

Tel: 972-398-1170


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