*Music Director: Jenny Lin

Artist Diploma, Master in Music 

M. M University of North Texas

*Assistant Music Director: Grace Tu

Music Director of Dallas Chinese Bible Church in Chinese Ministries

Member of Dallas Music Teacher Association and

Music Teachers National Association since 2001

Master in Music


Words from director


     The root of western music is from Christianity because, in Bible, God has encouraged His people to praise Him with singing, playing musical instruments.  In the form of music, people can pour out their most profound feeling from their hearts and souls.   Moreover, now, many scientific studies have found that learning music can benefit physically and mentally for all people at every age.

      For children, music unlocks the creative potential of the human mind as it opens the pathway to educational excellence and catapults human thinking to a new level of understanding. Quality in music learning transfers to quality in all learning.


      For adults, music learning stimulates our brain, keeping it active to slow down aging.  It also benefits socially by singing in a choir, playing assemble with friends. 

Come to try a new learning experience or brush up your musical skill. We invite you to join the 4C Music Academy and let’s make a joyful sound together.



3115 W Parker Rd #250

Plano, TX 75023

Tel: 972-398-1170


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